Enchanter's Guild


The local enchanter’s guild has sent out a call for help. Something has gone wrong inside, and now there are enchanters trapped inside, and the others can’t reach them.

The king belives his personal guard would not be well suited to fighting an type of battle that involves magic, and so he puts out a call to the local figheters guild in hopes there may be some brace souls with better experience fighting magic that will come to his aid. He is offering a resonable request to anyone whom answers the call.

Arrive at the Workshop

You see a 4-story workshop resting the the precipice of a large chasm. The building itself loks ordinary, but even those with no magical training can feel the magics protecting it.

You can see very little in the upper windows, despite it being mid-evening, and the activity on the building’s grounds is very scarce. Occasionaly you see people running by, but none stop to talk or even wonder why a band of warriors is here. In fact all of them appear to be in an extreme rush like the world is coming to an end. Very rarely you can hear the sounds of torture, but it doesn’t sound like anyone is being killed.

Meet the Head Enchanter

Inside is very different, and is complete chaos with people running around shouting and screaming orders. Next to a nearby door is a group of people in the deep concentrating associated with casting of strong or hard spells. In the center is an older man who seems to be calmer than the rest, but he has a very worrid look on his face. However is outward cool demeanor coupled with the commands he is issueing, it appears he is in charge.

Learn about the Attack

When King Olden’s band of heroes reach the man they are greeted by him as he introduces himself as Master Enchanter Jorel. Jorel explains there was an attack starting on the upper floors and it quickly moved down. They secured the entrance to the second floor to stop the assault, but there are still several enchanters unaccounted for. He asks if the king has sent you to aid him, and if that is the case that you enter the workshop as soon as you can to stop the attack and save his friends. He also asks that you try not to break anything in the process.

Jorel offers to send one of his aids, Initiate Enchanter Strom, along to assist in disarming the various defenses, wards, and traps along the way that were most likely activate during the attack. He would send a more experienced enchanter, but most are trapped in the upper levels, and those that aren’t are stuck securing the second floor entrance. The defenses were meant to keep out thiefs and attackers, but it will only respond to a registered enchatner.

The Second Floor

Enchanter's Guild

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